How Long Should I Run To Lose Weight? …running for weight loss

Do NOT Run if your goal is weight loss… Try THIS instead…

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Common questions that I hear from people who are overweight and looking to lose weight quickly is:

“How Much Running Should I Do To Lose Weight?”
“What’s The Best Type Of Running To Lose Weight?”
“Is Running Good For Weight Loss?”

But if you’re overweight and out of shape I don’t think you should run at all. Running is an advanced exercise and places a great deal of stress on the body, especially if you’re carrying a lot of extra weight.

You would be much better off starting off with a basic walking program instead of trying to run to lose weight.

Walking is a very underrated form of exercise, I personally think that it’s the best exercise to lose weight because it’s perfect for beginners and ideal for people who are looking to quickly lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.

Walking is low impact and pretty much anyone can do it for a long enough duration to actually get some fitness and calorie burning benefits. Whereas running is so demanding that the average overweight person will not be able to sustain it long enough to burn any substantial calories. Not only that they’ll risk injury in the process due to strain on the knees, ankles, shin splints, etc. which will only further slow your progress.

You have to learn to walk before you can run. Start with easy low impact cardio exercises such as walking or using cardio machines at the gym like the elliptical, stationary bike, treadmill, etc. If you have a bicycle you can even go for a bike ride as this is a very low impact and enjoyable form of exercise that will aid with fat loss.

Save the running for after you’ve lost some weight and have built up a decent level of fitness and endurance.

Now even if you are exercising on a regular basis, that’s only part of the weight loss puzzle. Nutrition is the biggest component that will make or break your fat loss success.

If you would like some help with planning on an optimal fat burning diet plan for your body type, your lifestyle, food preferences, and schedule – then just send me an e-mail to “leeh [at]”

I offer one-on-one coaching and customized diet and training programs to help you build lean muscle and burn off that stubborn bodyfat in the process. Just send me a message and we can chat about a realistic action plan that’s right for you.


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