Run 4 Miles With Me ‍️| Overweight Runner’s Vlog| Weight Loss Journey | Lucy Shaw

Hey guys! Come find me over on Insta:
I haven’t done a run with me vlog in a few weeks, so I thought I would get my camera out and drag you out for a run with me today!

My marathon training is coming to an end and I am really enjoying this stage because the pressure is only on the big day for me now! I can just get out and run as and when I can and not feel bad about not running as much as I “should”.

I really hope you have enjoyed this run with me vlog today. I really enjoy making them…even if I do get shy about filming out and about! Let me know in the comments below if you are starting a running or weight loss journey. I LOVE reading all of your comments about how you are getting on with your running and how you are thinking about starting!

Thanks so much for watching!
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