Running for Weight Loss | Tips to Get Started & Stay Motivated

As many of you know, my weight loss journey began with running. I thought I would share some tips with those of you who are just getting started. I sure wish I knew these things when I went out for my first run so I hope it will help you guys out.

Guys, it looks like Abedin3Q no longer makes this product. I have found a VERY similar product that you guys can get here:


^^^This one comes in TONS of cute colors too!

The running belt actually has 4 pockets with zippers, not 3! Oops! 🙂


5 minute Beyoncé Workout:…

How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau:…

How to Make a Healthy Chipotle Bowl:…

Response to Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People”:…

BBWs Want to Lost Weight:…


Check out #TheDietSeries where I talk about a few of the diets I tried in the past:…

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You should consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. I am not an expert, I am just sharing MY experience. Do what is best for YOU. Do not overexert yourself!

*****The product mentioned was sent to me, but of course my opinion was honest as I would never recommend anything I have not used and do not like to you all. 🙂

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